Tutor: David Artingstall

Associate Fellow

David Artingstall is an independent AML/CFT consultant/researcher and an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London. His research interests include the risk-based approach, public-private partnership, and the involvement of professional services in money laundering and terrorist financing, topics on which he has authored several RUSI papers.  David's consultancy practice covers technical assistance and training at both policy and operational levels, delivered overseas on behalf of a variety of donors, including UK government departments, IMF, EU, Council of Europe, and EBRD, as well as private sector institutions. Most recently, he has been a lead trainer on a project building capacity to investigate the finances of the illegal wildlife trade in east and southern Africa; has reviewed an Egmont member Financial Intelligence Unit; and has delivered AML/CFT training through industry seminars and at individual financial institutions in a variety of Central Asian states.

David began his AML/CFT career as a terrorist finance investigator with the Metropolitan Police Special Branch more than 25 years ago. Before moving into consultancy in 2007, David also spent time as an intelligence and policy officer at the UK’s Financial Intelligence Unit and as an AML/CFT Technical Specialist at the UK’s financial services regulator, the Financial Services Authority.