Tutor: Denisse Rudich

Denisse Rudich

Denisse is a well-known Financial Crime Prevention specialist with extensive knowledge of and experience in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, bribery and corruption, tax evasion, and sanctions.

Denisse has worked in the areas of policy development, strategic advisory, and risk management, setting up global systems and controls in the investment and wholesale banking sector and forensics, supporting investigations in both the public and private (legal and financial) sectors. She consistently delivers ahead of schedule and under budget, often supporting her clients in meeting hard regulatory deadlines and avoiding costly investigations and fines, which can amount up to USD$9 billion plus additional remediation costs.

She has gained extensive international experience and exposure to senior policymakers/Heads of State while assessing global security threats for the Group of 7 (G7) and G20 Research Groups and regulators in the Americas.

Denisse is involved in several global initiatives aimed at building collaboration to fight financial crime. She is a founding member of the Coalition to Fight Financial Crime launched by the World Economic Forum, acts as a Senior Policy advisor to the Sentry, set up the AML/CFT Working Group for a global virtual assets industry body, and is Director of the G7/G20 Research Groups (London). Denisse is also an author, trainer, speaker, and panelist at industry events and mentors to FinTech and RegTech start-ups.