Tutor: Heather Wurster

Global Lead - Policy and Soft Skills

Heather joined the ICA in 2020, having previously worked as a member of our external faculty for several years, working with us on designing and delivering financial crime courses. Prior to taking up her full-time role in the ICA, Heather had run her own training business for circa 20 years, and during that time she gained exposure to a wide variety of clients, business models and Subject Matter Experts.

Over the course of her freelance career, Heather worked with a variety of financial institutions in many different roles and geographies: Heather lead global training roll outs for a tier 1 bank, acted as a lone consultant for a retail bank endeavouring to demonstrate Section 166 measures were not necessary and managed training teams. A consistent thread on Heather’s career has been a focus on how people learn, making information accessible, engaging and memorable – allied with a strong emphasis on quality.

Heather’s current role has an emphasis on policy and soft skills which reflects some of her experiences. Heather has written policy and standards for a US based global bank and her many management development contracts have enabled her to build a suite of relevant knowledge and tools around soft skills development.

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Heather’s commitment to the work of the ICA is born of the belief that financial crime always has a victim and often those victims cannot respond or prevent their mistreatment. No one organisation, police force or legislation can resolve the issue of global financial crime, but well informed, motivated compliance professionals can contribute key knowledge to hinder criminal exploitation of victims.