Tutor: Hossam El Shaffei, CMIIA, CFE, CCSA, CRMA, CA, FWAIA, CRG, QRD®,EQFM

Validator UN-Crt Sexual Harassment & Abuse of Authority Investigator

Hossam El Shaffei is a global thought leader, consultant and advisor to businesses on the topics of fraud, agile internal audit, compliance, enterprise risk management, governance, internal controls, shared services delivery strategies and process transformation, anti-money laundering & terrorist finance. El Shaffei is a passionate fraud fighter and speaker on a variety of topics related o fraud prevention & deterrence, investigation, auditing, compliance, risk, governance, controls. He is an ACFE authorized CFE exam review course instructor.

Hossam El Shaffei has over 30 years work experience in multinational organizations such as the United Nations (UN), USAID, RSM Partner Leading the Risk Advisory Services and in assisting other organizations regional and international. He has global and regional work experience, and has provided many management and governing boards with advice for better governance, agile internal auditing, risk management, controls, fraud prevention and detection, quality, transparency and on fighting corruption programs.

El Shaffei is active promoting and developing the oversight profession. He is the founder and Managing Director of Oversight Consulting & Training ( www.oversightconsult.com ). He served on the FIFA/CAF Reform Task-Force Committee. He is a Trustee, Board of Trustees at the Internal Audit Foundatio and the Chairperson of the Academic Fund Board Sub-Committee at The Global Institute of Internal Auditors, IIA. He is the former Chairperson and Chair Emeritus of the Board Higher Education Committee at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ACFE. He is also serving on the ACFE Advisory Council. He served on The IIA Global Board Committee on Academic Relations. He founded the ACFE Chapters in Egypt and Jordan. He is the President & Chairperson of the Board of the ACFE Egypt Chapter and Vice Chairperson of the Board of the ACFE Jordan Chapter. Also, he is the founder, former president, Board Member and Chairperson of the Board Training Committee at the IIA Jordan Chapter. He also served as Vice President and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees at the American Community Association K- 12 education. El Shaffei is an Internal Audit Quality Assurance Reviewer (advocate consultant) with the IIA Global. He is a former Judge on the IIA Magazine Scholarship. He is the first ever to introduce and conduct Webinars on the IIA Global Guidance in Arabic for the Middle East members. He is an ACFE Authorized CFE Exam Review Course Instructor. El Shaffei is a Global Partner with the International Compliance Association, ICA – UK. El Shaffei is also a Staff Mentor at the UNWFP (UN World Food Progeramme). El Shaffei is a Global Partner with the DCRO Institute that offers the Qualified Risk Director® education and qualification among other educations and learning subjects that targets C-Suite and Board Directors. Also, El Shaffei is a Global Partner with the ARC Institute that provides Gamified Smart Business Training as well as the globally know “Audit Championship”. Also, proud to have a collaboration agreement with the Internal Audit Association in the UAE (UAE – IAA).

Hossam El Shaffei is a leader and recognized keynote speaker on oversight matters, anti- corruption, Audit Quality Assurance hosted by the Financial Audit Authority - UAE , combating Fraud in the Middle East. He has been professionally awarded and recognized in different forms internationally and regionally and has been offered several awards and Honoraria’s.