Tutor: Ariane Baldwin-Webb

Course Director

Ariane became an internal faculty member of the ICA in September 2022, working as a global course director and tutor at all programme levels involving Financial Crime Prevention and Anti-Money Laundering. Ariane previously freelanced for the ICA as an external marker in the Financial Crime and Managing Sanction Risk programmes during which time she was also acting as an MLRO and Sanction Officer with an Asset Manager. Ariane has an honours degree in law from the University of Kent, where she also taught undergraduate students in the early part of her career. Since then, Ariane’ has circa seventeen years’ experience in the financial crime prevention landscape, in all three lines of defence as well as in several lines of business and different sectors. All of which have provided her with a plethora of experience that included significant business change programmes, deferred prosecution agreements, s166 and migrating control frameworks following business mergers.

Ariane’s current role with the ICA focuses on writing and designing a new practical course for aspiring or new MLROs. She is also heavily involved in assisting the ICA in the development of existing courses in Financial Crime Prevention, Managing Fraud and Terrorist Financing programme. Ariane has a firm belief in lifelong learning, growth mindsets and a passion to pass on her learnings to ensure more financial crime professionals can do their bit to prevent criminals from enjoying their ill-gotten gains.