Tutor: Thomas Wan Chee Kien

Course Director (APAC)

Thomas has more than 15 years of work experience in corporate and wholesale banking, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering , and financial crime, and was recently before joining International Compliance Association, the Head of Compliance and AML for Land Bank of Taiwan (Ministry of Finance) in Singapore and the Industrial Commercial Bank of China (Qualifying Full Bank) in Singapore.

At ICTA, Thomas is responsible for developing and delivering training courses in anti-money laundering, compliance, and financial crime around the APAC region. His focus subject includes governance, risk and compliance, Corporate and Wholesale Banking, Capital Markets, Securities and Futures, Financial Advisory Services, Private banking, and new payment methods and financial technology.

Thomas’ industry experience includes training and education alongside banking.

Thomas has extensive education including a master’s degree in Business from Finance Business, University of Technology Sydney , Master ’s Degree in Science - Law, Governance, Risk and Compliance, from the University of Law, UK , and qualifications from International Compliance Association . He is also a Fe llow Member of the International Compliance Association (FICA, UK) , Certified Finance and Treasury Professional Senior (CFTP Snr, Australia) , Financial Industry Certified Professional (FICP Level 6, Singapore) , IBF Advanced (IBFA, Singapore) , and has CMFAS licensing qualifications .