Approved training providers

It is the ambition of the ICA that its qualifications should be made available to as many eligible individuals as possible, wherever they are in the world. To that effect, the ICA has entered into relationships with a number of organisations, institutes and venues to ensure that the qualifications can be easily accessed. The organisations below have been categorised as approved training providers. If you are interested in studying for an ICA programme your first query should be made to ICA so that we may point you in the right direction.

ICT Middle East

ICT Academy - APAC

ICT Malaysia

International Compliance Services - Russia

Bahamas Institute of Financial Services

Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance

H Lavity Stoutt Community College – BVI

GTA University Centre

Impact on Integrity - Spain

Jamaica Institute of Financial Services

Jersey International Business School

Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

Institute of Financial Services – Malta

La Touche Training – Ireland

Institute of Banking and Financial Studies – Jordan

StudySmart - Greece

Temple Professionals - Mauritius

GlobalTraining - Cyprus

Navigate Compliance

Sigma Risk - Malta, Pakistan, Nigeria and India

Czech Compliance Academy