Reference and proof of study requests

The ICA holds records for candidates who have taken any of our qualifications.

If you have completed an ICA qualification and require proof of your completion and grade please complete and submit our online form below.

There is a charge of £50 (+VAT where applicable) for this service. You will need to have your ICA Candidate ID number. If you have forgotten your ID number please email the ICA Assessment Team on [email protected] so that this information can be provided for you.

Please note that the ICA is only able to release information on qualifications and membership to persons authorised to request the information.

Third parties requesting information on a candidate's behalf will need to verify that they have a signed statement from the member or candidate to authorise the release of their personal information. You can download the reference request consent form here.

You should expect to receive the reference by email within 5 working days of the payment.
Please note that this service is specifically to verify qualifications. Requests to verify membership of the ICA should be emailed to [email protected]

*Please add Student details below whose qualification you want to verify. You will then be taken to a basket page where you will need to add your name and company address (not the students)

* Candidate first name

* Candidate surname

* Candidate number (CON-000)

* Qualifications completed

* Upload of signed documentation (blank document provided above for completion)

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