Opening an envelope and seeing the results of months of hard work on paper is a moment of joy for all of our students. But receiving your ICA certificate is more than just a piece of paper...

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What advice would our Alumni give to those considering an ICA qualification?

Cathy Lloyd, Head of Compliance & Deputy Chief Risk Officer

"My advice would be to obtain a professional qualification - it really sets the baseline and also gives you the opportunity to network with other compliance professionals. It is also important to keep up to date and ensure you are continually learning, the pace of change is so fast so use the various forums to read articles, share ideas and participate."

Dilani Sooriyaarachchi, Head of Compliance

"My advice would be to c omplete your studies well and learn the subject. It’s not possible to build your career without a proper foundation. Keep updated of what’s happening in the environment and b e a good listener in your activities."

James Leake, Global Head of Financial Crime Risk Screening

"Don’t fear asking the ‘silly’ questions. Often asking such questions uncovers issues that may not have been discovered. Build a network of key stakeholders. And take the opportunity to work in the various areas of compliance, across the lines of defence and in different business lines and countries where you can."

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