We have partnered with Cyber Prism, a multi-award-winning, SaaS ‘cyber assessment’ solution, that allows you to self-assess the cyber security management program within your organisation or supply chain.

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are consistently making the headlines. Therefore, a successful cyber risk assessment needs to look holistically at the business. Specifically, how the integrated parts of the business value chain are protected and how efficient the cyber security program is at identifying and managing cyber risks.

Suitable for both global cyber professionals and non-cyber experts, this simple tool is a viable alternative to the traditional form of engaging ‘professional service’ teams to perform an assessment and instead communicates via an interactive, easy-to-use survey platform.

This minimally invasive and cost-effective product goes ‘beyond I.T.’ and looks at areas such as cyber governance, risk management and oversight, vendor and supply chain management, and other key functions necessary for a successful assessment.

Conducting a cyber assessment with this solution can help your organisation:

  • Fully understand how effective your current cyber security program is, which can be a positive differentiator when considering current and seeking new business opportunities
  • Identify significant vulnerabilities, ‘blind spots, and grey areas of responsibility, allowing you to make informed decisions and act
  • Learn where to apply resources to the most critical vulnerabilities and develop a roadmap to mitigating risk by putting precautionary measures in place, as well as formulate new policies and standards
  • Provide support for compliance with regulatory and legal obligations
  • Provide support for other functions, such as the enterprise risk management program (also privacy, compliance, I.T., legal, and internal audit teams).
  • Align cyber security with the business model and improve the best return on investment
  • Understand the business holistically and provide peace of mind for clients, vendors, shareholders, and other stakeholders
  • Provide evidence and assurance for third parties (including Regulators) in relation to cyber risk status, and regularly report key findings to the board
  • Increase your internal cyber awareness culture
  • Develop a long-term strategy and budget for future business plans and objectives

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