We have partnered with International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF) to bring you cybersecurity, risk and privacy briefings for leaders, delivered by Paul Dwyer , one of the world's foremost experts on the topic.

This recorded, non-technical, business-focussed briefing is specifically designed for business leaders in the financial sector. It provides an overview and clarity about the status of the global cyber risk landscape and its potential impact on their organisation.

Leaders will end the briefing able to:

  • understand the relationship and various objectives of cyber threat actors
  • gain an appreciation of the relationship between geopolitics and malefactors
  • contextually review the dynamic cyber risk impacts in relation to Covid
  • appreciate the complexities of the increasing burden of regulatory and legal legislation concerning cybersecurity and privacy (by walking through the anatomy of an attack on an organisation)
  • comprehend the challenge and complexities of developing an appropriate cyber strategy that can empower the organisation to deliver its key objectives
  • understand the role of leadership in meeting the cyber challenge today and leveraging the guidance from the G7.

The briefing will highlight the benefits of aligning an appropriate cyber strategy with their organisation's business strategy and how to empower leadership with meaningful metrics. It concludes with an overview of the importance of cyber resilience and an outline of ten key actions the organisations can embrace in relation to the assurance of their cyber resilience status.

Topics covered:

  • Cyber risk landscape
  • The underground economy of cybercrime
  • The fifth domain – cyberwarfare – blurred lines
  • The cyber risk impact from Covid-19
  • Cyber kill chain – understanding the anatomy of an attack
  • Developing a cyber strategy
  • CRQ cyber risk quantification – meaningful metrics – empowering leaders
  • Cyber governance and oversight – the role of leaders
  • Understand the G7 cyber fundamentals for leaders
  • Cyber resilience – ten key actions

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