What is Sanctions Risk?

Managing Sanctions Risk is a dynamic, complex topic. Types of sanctions include National or International sanctions. These may be issued against individuals, entities, groups or nations or even trading activities/particular sectors. Those bodies charged with enforcing sanctions compliance operate cross border and are particularly active at the moment, with multiple fines for firms in recent years stretching into billions of dollars. Understanding the intricacies and challenges of meeting sanctions obligations and implementing a framework to manage sanctions risks is vital for regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals.

S anctions remain a complex yet fascinating topic and crucial for developing a well-rounded strategy in combating financial crime. We have a wide breadth of courses and qualifications that are designed to suit learners of all levels.

ICA Essentials - Managing Sanctions Risk

This three-hour virtual live workshop delivered by an experienced trainer provides a foundational understanding of the topic. Learners will end the session with an understanding of the unique challenges, the international context and associated risks.

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Sanctions Awareness

Sanction’s compliance is a high-profile area of risk management and regulatory scrutiny. This short bite-sized course is designed for non-specialists and is a great starting point for those looking to understand the fundamentals and demystify this complex topic.

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ICA Certificate in Managing Sanctions Risk

This introductory level qualification is ideal for those working in financial crime prevention and regulatory compliance, who wish to understand the threats and how to mitigate risk.

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ICA Advanced Certificate in Managing Sanctions Risk

Suitable for senior professionals who work within financial crime, regulatory compliance or sanctions risk, who wish to learn the intricacies and challenges of meeting sanctions obligations.

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ICA International Diploma in Managing Sanctions Risk

This brand-new diploma qualification equips senior professionals who manage sanctions risk with the right combination of knowledge, capabilities and behaviours to do so effectively.

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