Members in 157 countries

Offices in the UK, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong

Over 160,000 individuals trained

Regional Partners

Across the globe including Ireland, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Bahamas, Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Jersey, Greece, Cyprus and Canada.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire, educate and enable the international compliance community to think more, perform better and help the right business to be conducted in the right way.

Our Vision

Our vision is for compliance to be recognised as a modern profession with universal
international standards of competence, benchmarked through ICA education.

What does ICA stand for?

  • Upholding the highest codes of conduct, integrity and ethics including uncovering the spirit and intent of regulation
  • Reinforcing the ongoing need for transparency and openness
  • Encouraging independence of thought and judgement
  • Promoting a culture of ‘doing the right business the right way’ and encouraging constructive challenge to that end
  • Endorsing the value of education and continuous professional development
  • Sharing international best practice
  • Developing individual competency followed by earned empowerment
  • Supporting the fight against all aspects of financial crime
  • Promoting financial inclusion

William Howarth, ICA President

“ICA is committed to increasing the knowledge and skills of regulatory and financial crime compliance professionals across the globe. We work across a variety of sectors including financial services, oil and gas, telecoms, and betting and gaming. The key, as we see it, is to demonstrate the tangible benefits of investing in staff as part of an integral approach to combating the increasing range of risks they face. We provide knowledge, guidance, information and practical skills as part of an ongoing strategy to constantly improve business performance. And, to do this we seek global partnerships and alliances with regulators, firms and local compliance associations.

We aim to help individuals and firms continuously improve to face the challenges now and in the future."

Qualifications from the ICA help compliance professionals develop relevant knowledge and best practice for operating within the fields of governance, risk and compliance, financial crime prevention and anti money laundering (AML).

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