We have invited some of our members to share their experiences of how being part of our professional community has enhanced their career.


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Leyla Mahirah Nor

Financial Institution Supervisor

Meet ICA Alumni: Leyla Mahirah Nor. Leyla, a Malaysia based FI Supervisor, started her professional journey in audit and moved into the regulatory compliance space later in her career. As a new compliance profesisonal, completing an ICA qualification helped her catch up with her more experienced peers and gave her the confidence she needed to excel in her day-to-day job.

Carmen Morgan, FICA.

Head of Compliance at Cashfac

ICA Member Carmen Morgan, FICA. Head of Compliance at Cashfac, explains what the benefits are of being an ICA member, and how gaining an ICA qualification supported her career.

Spyros Roumaneas. FICA

Senior Financial Crime Compliance Consultant

Meet Spyros Roumaneas, a Fellow Member of ICA (FICA). as he shares his journey into compliance, and how studying with ICA helped him progress in his career and learn new skills.

Luma Zitani, FICA

Senior Manager, Accenture

ICA Fellow Member Luma Zitani is a Senior Manager for Accenture’s UKI Risk Practice. In this interview she discusses the benefits of being a member of ICA, how ICA qualifications supported her professional development and the ways in which COVID-19 changed the compliance landscape over the last year.

Ella Mbaeri

EMEA Head, Compliance

ICA member Ella Mbaeri, EMEA Head, Compliance, talks about the challenges and opportunities in the compliance field, the benefits of being an ICA member, why she decided to study for an ICA qualification and how it has helped her to perform better in her role.

Nadim Awad, FICA

Group Compliance Officer - Investigations, Hikma

We caught up with Nadim about what he finds enjoyable in his role, what challenges compliance holds, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, and the importance of developing your skills through professional qualifications. Watch his interview to learn about his experience in compliance and studying with ICA, and what advice he has for fledging industry professionals.

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